Latin for "respectful action."

We coach leaders to achieve results by engaging in the art of respect.

As a leader, you're measured by your results. In our hyper-performing business culture, the expectations are never ending . . . because the competition never quits.

Likely, you are overwhelmed by some or all of these competing demands:

  • You want to be seen as a strong leader, a strategic thinker, and show up with executive presence
  • You need to build a positive workplace reputation and influence others
  • You desire to increase self-awareness and gain insight on how your behavior affects others
  • You seek to move through transitions as an exemplary leader, e.g. organizational restructuring, getting up to speed quickly after a promotion
  • You want to smooth over difficult relationships instead of avoid them
  • You want to transform individual contributors into a high-performing team
  • You seek to build trust and meaningful partnerships

We believe in employing the Platinum Rule to achieve the results you desire.

You've heard about the Golden Rule, which is about treating others how you want to be treated. The Platinum Rule says, "Treat others the way they want to be treated."

In short, the Platinum Rule respects the other person's perspective.

Great leaders think and rethink their leadership strategies by choosing paths that are win-win for all.

It starts by asking powerful questions of your stakeholders.

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Officium Group is an executive and performance education firm committed to transforming organizations and the leaders that make them a success. We bring decades of leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies to the table and operate as your independent, trusted business partners. Our job is to ask you tough questions, equip you with tools and foster the right corporate culture, systems, and processes to help you and your people flourish.